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The Civil War  involved nearly every family, sometimes on opposite sides.  More young American men died in that war than in all of our other wars put together.  Many more were held prisoner in life-threatening prison camps.  Author James Duncan's great-grandfather, Thomas Robert Duncan, was a Union soldier and was captured and taken to Andersonville prison in Georgia. This stockade prison averaged 100 prison deaths a day, but James' great-grandfather lived and played an important role in saving other lives.  Click on Andersonville Prison for the rest of the story.


Thomas Robert Duncan and wife                  Thomas Robert and Jesse Duncan 

World War II was difficult for both the soldier and those at home.  Even buying postage was sometimes beyond reach, at the low price of 3 cents.


Art in support of the troops!  

This was created for the 103rd Infantry Division.  For more on the 103rd click on World War II Books above.

  The Quill And The Written Word 

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